Life at the Beach

Life at the beach is full. And cold. We’re over halfway through our summer stint here and there hasn’t been much time for updating blogs or processing the photos and videos we’ve taken. That’s a shame because the main subject matter of the cameras, puppies and grandtwins, are very worth looking at! This week’s projects, in between work and twins and the endlessness of pottying dogs and cat, is making curtains for the trailer. One window to go and they look great! Between the picnic table and the ramp door, I’ve got a good workspace. And thanks to a sewing machine loan from Westi, I have good tools. Now, if I could just get the outdoor temperature to warm up enough that I don’t need gloves to work! Did I mention that it is cold?

Home at Seacliff-Campsite B1

Checked googlemaps yesterday and found the Seacliff Beach image was updated last year while we were here. Fun! The photo above is our campsite … you can see the solar panels on top of the trailer, our ramp door “patio”, the truck with the camper on it, the dog yard, the picnic table. Seacliff BeachWe must have been on duty because the “Think” cart is parked at our site too. The image to the right is zoomed out to give a little context, including the fishing pier out to the “Cement Ship”. Below the image is zoomed out enough to see the entire Monterey Bay. I love how the satellite imagery shows the “Grand Canyon” of Monterey Bay. This unique underwater landform is what makes our Bay so rich in marine life … and what makes the water so cold as well. (The red arrows show where we are.) Now if we could just get some sun! (Back in the summer of ’08 when we were in Rockport, TX and I was longing for fog, I told Steve he had permission to smack me if I ever complained about fog again. Well, I count my blessings that he isn’t much inclined to take me up on that. Did I mention that it is cold?)

Home on Monterey Bay

11 thoughts on “Life at the Beach

  1. Mom

    Wow! That is really great. I didn’t know about Monterey Bay canyon. It does really show your whole lay-out and it
    isn’t too much different this year from this prespective.
    We need photos of those curtains soon! They will make it
    softer in your traveling home. Sorry it is so cold. It is
    way to hot here and worse tomorrow. Steve and girls are to
    go to Cedar Point if weather allows but it doesn’t sound good for heat or storms. Thanks for the update! love you

  2. Michele

    I would switch you weather in a heart beat! Keep complaining and send that cooler weather north.

  3. Laura

    I never saw it as a “human liver”, Dad… guess it just shows how much life is all about perspective! I love it that you actually looked at our website … if you keep it up, I may need to update it more often!

  4. Laura

    Mom and Michele… I’d be whining about too much heat, especially sticky heat, as well. Can’t we just have something in the middle?

  5. Kim

    Aside from my tomatoes not setting fruit, I have few complaints about the cold weather.

    Cool sat image! Thanks for the update!

  6. mom

    Love the comments. Comments here are not too good! Dad is having computer problems! WE are now back on storm
    warning and flood warning. Our heat index is 104. Needless to say we are staying indoors. Hope Steve and
    girls (he has four teenagers at Cedar Point we think) are
    being careful. Heat is so bad and CP is not known to put
    safety before money. Glad you have nice weather. love you. Dad doesn’t look much or comment but I keep him updated
    on what he needs to hear on website and FB

  7. mom

    Hey, Kim, Loren has two tomato plants on deck. Big plant
    had two tomatoes and storm took them off yesterday so I have in kitchen window to see if they will ripen. Grape
    tomato plant is full and some ripe but it lost big branch
    so I have it in water to see if they will ripen. Storms
    did damage to MI yesterday and they say it will be worse
    today. Lots of rain and flood watches as well. We just
    had minor plant damage mostly yesterday but lots of power
    out in area. Something sure hit our deck and bushes. We
    have been lucky with all the storms this summer. Hope that
    continues. Hope you get more sun in CA soon. Wish we were
    there to see it. love you guys

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