A Journey of the Heart

campsite map in shape of a heart

We’ve been blessed with the opportunity to enjoy living in a brand new house with brand new appliances. When we set out on our journey six years ago, it was in a brand new truck towing our brand new trailer. We’ve learned many lessons over those years, not the least of which is that nothing stays new. The best you can hope for is that things are well maintained. That goes for our bodies, too.

During those years, we’ve experienced loss as well. Losing Ginger in 2012 and Grayson this past summer had a profound impact on both of us. We’ve lost any number of animals over the years, but these losses were different, perhaps as we have begun to deal with our own mortality or perhaps as a result of living in such close proximity. Ginger’s passing was painful, but Grayson’s illness and untimely death served as a reminder that our preconceived notions about the future have little basis in reality.

These lessons, in addition to a list of factors far too complex to address here have led us to a decision:

We’ve made the choice that while the rig is still road-worthy and we are fit and healthy enough to enjoy it, we’re returning to our vagabond ways, selling the house and going back to living as full-time RVers. The decision to sell the house that we love was not an easy one, but once we came to it, there hasn’t been a moment of doubt. We are swapping the conveniences and benefits of living in our “big” house (which is how WE think of it) for a different set of benefits living full-time in our little home on wheels. The biggest single benefit is feeling free to say “yes” to the next great opportunity, whatever that might be.

Since setting out in early 2008, we’ve kept a map of everywhere we’ve stayed. Last summer, Westi and the grandtwins followed our progress as we traveled towards them from Michigan and Westi observed that the our stops on the map were in the shape of a heart. That observation has become a theme as we re-imagine where we are heading. The journey IS the destination, and we’re choosing to go where our hearts lead us, wherever that might be.

2 thoughts on “A Journey of the Heart

  1. Barbara Slegers-Hudson

    It’s remembering to leave ourselves open to whatever may touch us along our way in this life we’ve been given that is so important. Whether is big in a ‘big house’ that is stationary and requires us to become mobile or in a ‘little house’ that is mobile and really puts us out there. There are probably many of us who yearn for unencumbered lives, taking only what we need as we journey forward. A good lesson to be learned. We can physically remove it or we can emotionally detach ourselves from it…..each action allowing us to welcome that which is new and exciting, or re-acquainting ourselves to that which is old and familiar yet seen with new energy. For whatever the reason, you are embarking on this new adventure together, with the support of all of us. I wish you the best and look forward to hearing of your adventures.

  2. Laura

    What a wonderful first comment, Barb. We’re in the thick of “detaching” at the moment and I’ll be the first to admit it is easier said than done. Oh my!

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