Dogs … and Judi … on board!

Dogs and Judi on Board

Our time with Judi came and went all too fast. It was wonderful to have her here … what a perfect first guest! The weather’s been cold and rainy but we were graced with a lovely two day respite at just the right time. We took full advantage of the 65 degree day to take out our just-home-from-the-shop pontoon boat. The motor did great until we docked, then died when idle as before. Still, we (Steve) did a much better job getting her loaded onto the trailer than the first go-round, and the boat ride itself was lovely. Well, the dogs might disagree. It was their first time out and they weren’t sold on the whole experience. Ginger and Dottie really liked sitting on Judi’s lap though … they’ve certainly got her number as the world’s biggest softie ever (at least where animals are concerned!)

Judi and I signed up for a docent-guided hike in the Canyon Lake Gorge, carved by floodwaters in 2002 when Canyon Lake over-topped the spillway for six weeks. The flood caused much devastation downstream, with one and a half times the lake’s capacity flowing over the top. In addition to the damage, a new geologic wonder was formed, revealing 100 million plus year old dinosaur prints and providing a fascinating opportunity for research and exploration. Our guide was amazingly knowledgeable and the day was sunny and perfect for the hike.

Judi has gone home, and our weather is back to cold, with chance of snow on Thursday. The lake continues to rise. The level is higher than when we bought the house now and promises to be full before long … just a couple of feet to go now. Over a hundred lettuce seedlings, several dozen baby tomato plants, as well as onion and basil starts are ready to plant out. Spring can start any time … we are ready!

One thought on “Dogs … and Judi … on board!

  1. Mom

    Wow! Don’t remember anything about this and we lived nearby. We were gone when flood came and college wasn’t
    affected much. Rian’s shop was flooded and near downtown was a mess. We have people at church that were flooded
    but we missed the actual flood. Dad will like this and
    Steve would love it. Nice photo of Steve, Judy and dogs.
    I do miss ‘my red flowers’ when I open my home page. They
    are just so beuatiful. How are your flowers doing? Several dozen tomato plants reminds me of your Grandpa
    planting for the whole area. Steve did that the first
    year he had a garden also. We gave all our neighbors tomatoes. Hope you get to plant them soon. We are getting snow and more snow. Dad’s classes were cancelled
    tonight but he isn’t home yet from Marygrove. It isn’t bad here but is to get worse over the evening and night.
    Judy will have to come back. There is lot more to see.
    love you guys

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