Well, it floats…

Steve and Laura in pontoon boat

Dennis and Nancy drove up from Rockport for the first launch of our new-to-us pontoon boat. Getting the boat into the water went well and we spent an hour cruising around the lake. It was brisk, but sunny and beautiful. Life was good!

But the rest of the story, like any boating tale, begins with “No sh*t, there we were”. No surprise here… I had to pee. We tied up to a fishing courtesy dock and before I got back to the boat, the motor died and wouldn’t restart. Repeated tries and futzing around didn’t help so I hiked up the hill to get our bearings while we waited a bit, hoping it was just flooded. Though I’ve now made the acquaintance of a camp host named “Mary” who has lived at a Park across the lake for the past 15 years, and a gentlemanly young Ranger named Phillip, (whose phone number, as well as the Sheriff Department’s is now programmed into my phone) we didn’t end up needing rescue. The motor started and, much relieved, off we went, chalking it up to learning the quirks of our somewhat vintage motor.

After another pleasant hour (or so) spent noodling around the lake, we headed back toward the boat ramp. Along the way, we began to lose power and about 30′ from the dock, the motor died again. So close and yet so far!

Though Steve did get it to restart, never again did it stay running for very long. Did you know it is rather tricky to load a pontoon boat back onto a trailer (especially for the first time!) without power? With much perseverance, and the assistance of a very wet brother-in-law (in 51 degree water… yikes!) we did finally succeed. As we drove home, grateful that our first (mis)adventure in motor boating was safely over, we counted our blessings. The motor didn’t die out in the middle of the lake. We were off the water with light to spare. The dogs and Nicole sat this one out. We had the support of Dennis and Nancy. Motors are serviceable.

We learned a lot. And now we’ll spend some more money. What’s that old adage about a boat being “a hole in the water that you throw money into?” I think there might be something to it.

our pontoon on canyon lake

3 thoughts on “Well, it floats…

  1. Mom

    Thanks for the great photo! Glad you had Dennis and Nancy
    for support. Also very glad that Steve now gets to see his
    family. Second photo is nice also. Get that motor serviced and you will enjoy more rides. Eager to see how
    the dogs like it. I bet they will! We had lunch with Shaun and Michele to exchange some things they needed that
    they forgot. Dad preached at Walled Lake and they met us for lunch. I think I may be getting a cold. I hope not as
    Ann’s service is Tues and I want to be at service and am
    suppose to work at reception. love you guys

  2. Mom

    Hey, Steve, you need to put Laura to work. She has been
    enjoying rainbows on her walls and good music for 3 days!
    love you both,

  3. Mom

    I sure didn’t want to put Laura to work with what she did
    all day yesterday! I would rather she was watching rainbows
    and listenting to good music. Sounds like she did a good
    job! Glad Nicole and Steve got back safely. love ya

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